Why should I get a puppy?

Still undecided if you want to get a puppy? I know what you’re thinking. All that mess, the biting, the exercise it needs (guilty here), your kids safety, the poop, all the training you need to do with the puppy, and the added responsibility. Well if you think of it that way, yeah it’s easy. They can drive you crazy at some point. But there are more good things that bad.

Did you know that puppies actually help reduce stress on humans? When I come home stressed from work, my dachshund would climb up my lap and stay there until I relax. It’s like she’s giving me a hug and saying “it’s okay, you’re home now”. Based on studies, puppies can also reduce blood pressure. Simply with the affection they give to their owners.

If you have kids, puppies can actually help your kids have better mental, social, and motor growth. Playing with your puppy can actually help your child be better. And as your kids grow, your puppy or dog will be a great way to teach your kids how to be responsible.

There is a study that showed that serotonin, or also known as the “happy hormone”, is released by the human body whenever we interact with puppies. I think it’s because puppies are naturally cuddly, cute and loving.

Puppies won’t judge you even when you’re being a dork in front of him. Being a dork common to everyone. It’s something we hide from the rest of mankind to avoid being judge. Well guess what? You can be a dork and act silly in front of your dog without being judged. Now isn’t that relaxing and fun.

They keep you moving. They need lots of exercise, and one of the most common form of exercise for puppies is to take them on walks, which means you will also be walking. You’re looking at twenty minutes of walk a day for you and your puppy, plus the minutes you spend playing with him is also a form of exercise. You’ll soon lose those extra inches you gained during the weekend barbeque.

They help you socially as well. Since you’ll be taking a lot of walks with your pup, it also means more time outdoors – more chances of meeting other people. If you’re single, you might just meet “the one”. If you’re married, then just focus on your puppy, okay?

They say that people with puppies or dogs live longer because the puppies keep your heart healthy. I guess it’s because of all the walking and playtime you have to do with the pup.

Growing up with a pup at home is a good thing for kids. Studies show that having a puppy actually helps develop kids immune system against allergies.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They are the most loyal friend you could ever find. Have you seen the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale? That movie shows how loyal and loving a dog can be.

Lastly, who can resist the cuteness of puppies? There’s just something about puppies that makes me want to hug and play with them. I just can’t explain it.

Go ahead get yourself a puppy. Do your research first though. Goodluck!


I'm a professional dog trainer who is sharing my journey as I transition to positive reinforcement based dog training methods.

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