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Teaching Recall – The Chase Me Game

While you should never ever chase your dog, it’s a good idea to get your dog to chase you. If you turn “Chase Me!” into a game you play together, you’re making yourself a focus for having fun outside. Add a squeaky toy or ball, plus a few rewards, and you’ll be even more attractive to your dog.

“Chase Me!” will help to build your dog’s view of recall as something fun
instead of being a dull duty that can be ignored in favor of more interesting


Turn recall into a game that makes coming back to you an attractive option for
your pet.

  1. Start outside in a place where you have enough space to run around freely but where there are not too many distractions. It’s good to practice this command when you’ve already played a game or done another exercise as warm-up. Call your dog, using just his name and the cue “Come!,” in an upbeat,happy voice.
  2. Don’t watch to see if he comes. Whether he immediately moves toward you or not, turn and run away from him. You can clap or whoop if you want to—it’ll make you even more exciting to chase.
  3. When you know your dog is running after you, pause for a moment and let him catch up, then immediately praise him, give him a treat, or squeak the toy you’re carrying.
  4. As soon as you’ve treated him, run away again; the aim is to turn catching you into a fun game he enjoys.
  5. After you’ve practiced this every day for a week or two and he’s reliably chasing after you, try the same routine somewhere where there are more distractions—perhaps in the local park, where there’s plenty going on.

That running to you when you call can be part of a fun game.
See the previous pages—a good recall can be a lifesaver.


I'm a professional dog trainer who is sharing my journey as I transition to positive reinforcement based dog training methods.

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