Top 5 Laziest Dog Breeds

At times, falling onto the couch after a long day and being joined by a couch potato companion is just what the doctor ordered. There are several wonderful laid-back breeds of dog that might suit your needs. Here is a list of 5 of the Laziest Dog Breeds.

Basset Hound

Although they have a keen instinct for hunting, Basset Hounds are thought to be a lazy breed.

You can quickly spot a Basset as they have short legs with long bodies. They are recognized as loyal, tender, sweet, and good-natured. The life expectancy of a Basset is approximately 10-12 years.


While Greyhounds are famous for their speed on the racetrack, they are incredibly laid-back when in a home environment. This is an amiable breed which can adapt to the relaxed lifestyle quite naturally (they have been known to nap up to around 18 hours a day). These dogs are devoted, quiet, and affectionate. Average life expectancy of a Greyhound is typically 10-12 years.


A small, yet strong and sturdy breed is the Havanese. These dogs have a chummy nature about them. This breed is thought to be a verified companion pet; social structure is a necessity with this breed, so it may not do well to leave them alone at home for prolonged amounts of time. Havanese are extremely and unabashedly affectionate. They get along well with people young and old. They are a toy breed and you must ensure they receive and opportunity to exercise every day. This breed is eager to please, but can lean toward the vocal variety. Average life expectancy of this breed is around 14 years.

Great Dane

It may come as a surprise to learn that Great Danes are actually a very lazy breed. They are renowned for being “gentle giants”.

This breed is typically inclined to befriend people and other dogs. If properly trained, Great Danes grow to be an extremely kind and loving breed; they can become aggressive or fearful with unfamiliar people or animals if not properly socialized. To maintain their health, Great Danes must have a daily walk. Their life expectancy is a bit shorter at just about 10 years or so.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is about as close as you’re going to get to a full-blown couch potato. This breed is inclined to deal with many health issues, so be sure to look into what may be required before taking in an English Bulldog.

At first glance, a Bulldog may seem pretty intimidating. However, this breed is well-known for its gentility and friendliness. Most are very patient, which means they can be incredibly good with children. They may require going out for walks often to prevent any behavioral problems from occurring in the home. As was mentioned before, these dogs do unfortunately lean toward dealing with issues in their health such as struggles with breathing, poor eyesight, and they a likely to develop hip dysplasia. The life expectancy of a bulldog is generally around 8 years.


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