Choosing the Bed for your Dog

A lot of people think that it doesn’t matter which bed they get for their pet, as long as the dog or puppy has a cozy spot to sleep on. Let me ask you? Would be comfortable sleeping on a flimsy low quality foam? For sure you’ll have a massive back ache and you’ll feel like you haven’t slept at all.

There are a wide variety of dog beds you can choose from. But you can’t just buy anything you think you want for your dog. You always have to consider your dog’s size, breed, comfort, and the quality of the product. You don’t want to buy a heated dog bed for a double coated pup who likes lying on cool floors.  And you can’t get a cooling dog bed for a dachshund that’s always cold and likes to cuddle and warm up with you.

Low quality dog beds won’t last long, so you want to buy a good quality bed that will literally last a lifetime. Here are a few benefits you or your dog will get from a good quality dog bed.

Protection from extreme temperatures. A good quality dog bed will have good insulation – not just for the frosty winter days, but also for the extreme summer heat.

Space. A good and properly fitted dog bed will allow your pup to have his own personal space. This will be the spot where he can just relax and rest.

Support. For younger dogs, a good dog bed will help avoid bone and joint issue in the future. For senior dogs, a good orthopedic dog bed or mattress, will help ease the discomfort of sore joints and bones, and other pain caused by medical issues related to your dog’s joints and bones.

Keep Shed under control. It’s not actually going to control the hair fall, rather it will help you contain the area where all that shedding happens.  You see, if your dog has his own bed where he lays to relax, he won’t be lying on the coach, living room carpet, staircase, and other parts of the house. This means that majority of the hair fall will be contained on the dog bed, instead of other areas of the house. That’s less effort for you in cleaning.

Prevent Injury. Your dog probably loves staying and lying on the couch as much as you do. When you tell your dog to get off the couch, he’ll jump off. If you have a heavy dog or a senior dog, jumping off the couch could cause a hip or joint injury. If your dog has his own cozy dog bed, he’ll probably be too comfy on his own bed to stay on your couch

Remember that the dog bed should be big enough for your dog to comfortable sleep in. You have to obtain a good measurement of your dog before buying or ordering a dog bed. Just like humans, each dog has a different sleeping position. You want to measure your dog in his favored lying positon, and add 5 inches to the measurement. You can also measure your dog from the base of his neck to the base of his tail, then add 5 inches. That should give you a good measurement for a well- spaced dog bed for your pup.

Think about your dog’s comfort when getting a dog bed. After all, he’ll be sleeping on it every night for a long time, or probably for the rest of his life.


I'm a professional dog trainer who is sharing my journey as I transition to positive reinforcement based dog training methods.

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