10 Signs of Fibromyalgia That Should Be Known To Every Woman

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Fibromyalgia is a condition of the health that afflicts many people. As being among the most disturbing and traumatic ailments, it leads to a widespread of pain and severe pain around the body. The pain frequently comes with memory or mood problems, tiredness and fatigue. Up until now, the doctors are not sure about what caused fibromyalgia though one huge factor is inflammation. Also, doctors say that it affects the pain receptors of the brain which increases the painful conditions around the body. By official statistics around 4 million people in America have fibromyalgia which is popular among women more than men. It is common among women in the age bracket of between 35 and 45, where several patients may have early warning signs.

The following are 14 of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia:

  1. Fatigue and Extreme Tiredness

Despite the intensity of the amount of rest you have, it fibromyalgia afflicts you, the pain is unstoppable. Fatigue also lingers despite having some rest. When you have fibromyalgia sometimes when you get out of bed in the mornings, you may find out that you are tired.

  • Restlessness as well as Poor quality of sleep

Some side effects that come with the pain from fibromyalgia are restlessness and poor sleep quality. Some victims also may find it difficult to sleep or may have disturbed sleep. Disorders of sleep are prevalent for victims of fibromyalgia. Common types of these disorders are sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

  • Brain Fogging

Brain fogging also known as fibro fog is a different symptom that comes with fibromyalgia. It leads to cognitive dysfunction that leads to the inability to pay attention, having an attention span that is poor, victims being distracted easily, losing things or forgetfulness. Others can have difficulty having conversations due to the fact that they tend to process information at a slower rate. This is one of the symptoms that affect victims more intensely than the pain does.

  • Mood and Anxiety

Due to severe pain, fibromyalgia adversely affects the Central Nervous System. The trauma it brings is commonly known to cause anxiety. In addition to sleep deprivation, victims tend to undergo intense anxiety and persistent mood swings.

  • Depression

Because of the side effects of trauma, anxiety, pain, mood swings, poor sleep, and fibromyalgia can easily lead to depression in a victim. The severe pain and it’s associated problems can be strong and overpowering in a manner that is not good and this can lead to depression. Having a feeling of not been able to help or improve one’s condition is a persistent problem that causes somebody to be mentally worried. It is a matter of extreme importance to get professional consultation so as to effectively regulate your sleep patterns, so that these may minimise an upheaval of emotions due to the condition.

  • Increased level of Sensory Overload

A researcher in Fibromyalgia from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine located in New York City, by the name of Doctor Benjamin Natelson said that “the discomfort and sensations of pain caused by fibromyalgia might be due to the unusual way in which your brain processes pain”

This implies that victims of fibromyalgia have an increased ability to easily sense pressure as well as touch. They are equally sensitive to sounds that are loud, temperature changes and different taste flavours. This similar experience plays a significant part in making them more susceptible to having a feeling of extra pain.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

This is a bowel disorder that is prevalent. People can experience it even without having fibromyalgia. On its own, it tends to be a very difficult condition which affects somebody’s lifestyle. So it is better imagined that if it comes with fibromyalgia, what it must feel like. According to Doctors, fibromyalgia and IBS have a factor that is common and this is the extreme physical sensitivity of the reaction of the brain to stimuli of light, touch, as well as changes in temperature.

  • Having Menstrual Periods that are Painful

Women that have fibromyalgia may have painful menstruations simply due to the same factor that enhances the brain’s rate of response to any pain. While you may need a medical consultation for proper medication, you should have some rest with your knees in an elevated position and a bag or bottle of hot water placed on the pelvis might be effective in relieving the pain.

  • Body Stiffness

Approximately 75% of patients who have fibro get body stiffness when they wake up in the morning. The physical stiffness is similar to rheumatoid or inflammatory arthritis. If these problems persist with other factors along with it, you should immediately pay your doctor a visit. At times, these signs can disappear in a matter of 15 minutes while for others it may linger all day.

  1. Tenderness/Pain and their accompanying Trigger Points

Again, this looks like arthritis in which patients who have fibromyalgia have some trigger spots or points around the body which are liable to produce painful sensations at an irregular frequency. When such places are touched or go through physical pressure, there is an extreme pain. Therefore remedies such as acupressure are not considered as suitable options.

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