10 Fibromyalgia causes that Doctors ignore

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Fibromyalgia is estimated to affect roughly about 1 million people around the World. Fibromyalgia is typically identified by severe pain, especially muscle pain, severe tiredness, interrupted sleep, brain fog or mental impairment, depression as well as tender points around the body that can become painful if touched.

Modern medical procedures have not yet discovered the causes of the condition and has only provided control measures for its symptoms by way of medications for pain as well as antidepressants.

Functional medicine contrarily, seeks to discover the main causative factor of fibromyalgia as well as other severe diseases, offer antidotes to these diseases at their sources to bring back good health for the patients. As a physician who practices functional medicine, I have assisted numerous patients regain their health from fibromyalgia

Causative factors for fibromyalgia that your Doctor might be unaware of

  1. Intolerance to gluten

Gluten have been compared to 55 different diseases and more, also it is often referred to as the “big masquerader”. This is because most of the symptoms of intolerance to gluten are not from the digestive systems rather they are from the neural system like cognitive impairment, pain, behavioural issues, fatigue, image sleep as well as depression.

  • Excessive growth of Candida

Candida is known as a type of fungus or rather yeast, and it is present in intestines at little amounts. If it is overproduction, it destroys the intestinal walls and gets to the bloodstream and subsequently effuses by-products that are toxic into the body. As a result, this can cause harmful symptoms like brain fog, pain, fatigue and digestive issues. A majority of my patients who are suffering from fibromyalgia have had reported case of overgrowth of Candida.

  • Thyroid

It is important that the medical personnel examines the entire blood markers which are six in number to get the correct level of function of the thyroid gland. It is advisable that the Doctor use optimal measurements as against using standard ranges during assessment and diagnosis of the disorders of the thyroid gland. The practice of getting the thyroid level of my patient to the optimal level typically mitigates their brain fog, fatigue, and depression and sleep disturbances.

  • Deficiencies in Vitamin levels

Vitamin D, B12 and Magnesium deficiency are the most occurring deficiencies in vitamin that people with fibromyalgia have. I have entirely reversed the symptoms of fibromyalgia successfully with only magnesium in some of my patients.

  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) as well as guts that are leaky

In the human body, we have more bacteria than we have cells. When there is an imbalance in this bacteria level due to the antibiotics we use or from sugary foods, our body may be unable to digest food nutrients and absorb the nutrients especially B12. Gluten can lead to leaky gut and SIBO. Leaky gut and SIBO can as well cause intolerances for gluten and as well as other foods. It is case of catch-22 and a delicate one. For anybody that has fibromyalgia, it is important to treat the ailments of the stomach.

  • Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are excessively toxic materials that are created by moulds. Modern day environmental testing for moulds only indicate mould spores levels and is unable to indicate the presence of mycotoxins.

I employ the procedure for urine test to check for the presence of mycotoxin, to indicate whether the victim have infected with moulds.

  • Mercury Toxicity

I give a recommendation that all the patients I have get a dentist with a biological inclination and get the doctors to take off the fillings of mercury amalgam in their tooth. Mercury has a toxicity level that is bad for the body and can solve the myths around fibromyalgia for victims. I also gave a recommendation for the testing for heavy metal with the use of a “before and after-DMPS challenge test for urine.

  • Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a consequence of chronic stress. Chronic pain stresses the adrenal glands, but, it usually is not the initial stressor of the adrenal glands. The initial causes of stress is typically something like intolerances to food, mercury toxicity, Candida mycotoxins or deficiencies in vitamin. My aim is to help the adrenals by administering adaptogenic herbs at the same time, we find the main causes of the stress to correct it.

  • MTHFR mutations

This is a test that is genetic in nature that is accessible in any of our modern day lab. An increase in mutations in the MTHFR gene leads to a difficulty to remove toxins like lead and mercury. An increase in mutation in this gene, leads to an increase in the requirements of methyl-B12, folinic acid and methyl-B6, so as to clear up pathways for detoxification and to foster proper working conditions.

  1. Deficiency of Glutathione

Glutathione is a crucial aspect of the detoxification of the system. Glutathione is recycled in the body – unless the toxicity is increased or we have GSTP1 and GSTM1, the enzymes that recycle as well as produce Glutathione. A consumption of Glutathione or its precursors such as milk thistle, NAC and alpha lipoic acid frequently helps with tiredness.

As the list above indicates, there is an interrelationship between many of these causative factors, and in most cases, fibromyalgia can’t be blamed on a single source. Due to the fact that it is complicated to get to the root of the matter, I give a recommendation that you get an active medical practitioner around you to help discover the main cause of your own condition. You shouldn’t go through unnecessary suffering or hide the signs with medications for pain as well as antidepressants. There are available Doctors like me who can be of great help to you.

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