20 different ways to picture how it feels like to have fibromyalgia

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A lot of the people do not believe that fibromyalgia exists, they often say it is all in the persons head. You also have come across those kinds of people at some point in time. Sometimes, some people tend to inquire from you what the sickness is all about, so therefore, now is the time for us to better explain the experience that people with the disorder go through because people without the disorder have no idea what people with the disorder face in their lives. People have no idea that fibromyalgia can be the most difficult thing to handle in life. We made some enquiries about the disorder, to our blog community on the internet about what a person with the disorder experiences.

Fibromyalgia is a huge motivating factor to make the most out of each day. If you get out of the bed and you can move, you have to use the opportunity effectively. If you try to get out of bed but you cannot move, then just stay in your bed. You need to take a rest, get a book and read or just watch any movie. It may not be your intention, but that will be your only activity for just that day. Tomorrow which is another day, may be very different from what happened yesterday. You have to be grateful of haven seen the next day because most people didn’t. I know it can be hard to be thankful when you have a constant pain however, each day also provides an opportunity for something great.

There are no words to explain how bad it is. It is like being alive and you are living in hell. It gives me the feeling of not having a life any longer.

Subsequently, we have done a comprehensive compilation of the description of pain, told to us by our members.

These are some of the explanations that were shared with us by our community online:

1). Just get an imagination of the worst type of flu that had ever affected you and then you can increase it tenfold, then think about having been severely beaten or be hit dangerously by a car, then imagine the time you have been extremely tired the most and then increase it tenfold.

2). You just ran 10 kilometers while having a flu and then you all the grasses assigned to you with just a pair of scissors. That sort of sore. But people look forward to you doing it the next day due to the fact that you appear to be well.

3). The pain which tend to move all around the body. It picks a location and then you stop breathing until it moves on and then it just goes to another location. You try pretty hard to act like you don’t feel the pain and then you try your utmost best not to cry.

4). You become tired and sleep evades you. The only time you get to sleep is when you sleep and you tend to hear all the noise going on around you, so you tend to be wide awake because you are super active because of these noises. With your heart beating hardly against your chest, and you feeling tired you try to sleep again, but that is entirely if you can. Sometimes you go numb around the tips of your toes and your fingers that you hardly get by when you are cold. Your muscles tend to knot up and wind and you make an effort to relax and not feel tense up because due to the fact that a severe headache might come next. You get stretches of depression and for me, I tend to use fantasy or music as a channel of escaping. You find it difficult to talk properly most of the time and you have difficulties with your ability to think lucidly and focus properly. So that is about that for now. So that you can have an impression.

4). Beth W – It makes me feel like my body is just like that of a tin man. That is the perfect description. A tin man that requires oiling in every distinct joint of his body. And someone was pointing something hot to every single one of my hurting muscles. And my head being in held in a vice. Yeah, that is the summary of it all, it is a miserable way of life.

5). Marjie C – It gives me the impression that I am a prisoner in my body! Never knowing what type of torture to expect next,

6). Jessica C  – I get the impression that I have been smacked with the use of a bat, I get this impression that my muscles are being cut and shredded, I have the impression of having a 2 X 4 placed on my shoulders for the whole day while coping with flu and I am sweating to death.

7). Vickie M – I get this impression that there is a small elf right in my body that runs all over my body with an ice pick while it stabs the muscles and joints randomly all day.

8). Kimmie G – As if I got run over by a triple trailer; like I needed to replace my hips; I feel like I should be cut off from the waist due to the fact that the lower half of my body isn’t working properly any more. The worst hangover you ever had multiplied by the worst type of flu to afflict mankind and a span of memory of that size…apart from that, I am in good shape!

9). Tracey W – There is a ghost that likes to squeeze the parts of my body, like somebody piercing your skin with their fingers and grabbing the muscles in a vice like grip.

10). There is a vice like grip placed on your head, a backpack of 20 pounds is bringing down my shoulders, your knees, your hips, your feet, your hands, and your ankles hurt. Apart from that, there comes a feeling like when your legs goes to sleep except that instead of it been just only your foot, it goes over your whole body. Your eyes become sore from all the straining, your skin becomes sensitive to the touch, and your nose becomes perceptive to smells. The fact that you have inadequate sleep leaves you slow, sleepy and extremely tired.

11). Kerryn E – It feels like having a hangover and being drunk at the same time and also sick as if you have a flu immediately after doing an exercise of an intensely working out your entire body and having a ten round bout with the boxer, Mike Tyson and you lost and at the same time existing in a different planet as an alien in comparison to other people because they don’t seem to understand how I feel.

12). It is like living in hell on earth. You feel the pain every day. The pain continuously moves around the body. The moment just when you are thinking that there no other part of your body that can hurt and then the pain starts in your skin. It is as if you got ran over and over again by a Mack truck. It can take me several hours to go to the shower, have on my makeup and dry up my hair. Just the time I am done with it all, I will have to take a seat and rest for some time. Sleeping at night is difficult because you can’t seem to find a sleeping posture that won’t you.

13). Pain that increases as it travels from your head to the toes. It feels like somebody is discharging a very hot liquid through your throat as it moves inside the body. The hardest thing is to keep a positive outlook throughout its entirety. You have no idea if it will come in the form of IBS one day, as migraines the next day, as well as Epstein Barr. With depression topping all of it. I have numerous symptoms showing up on a day-to-day basis. I have bad looking scars on my skin because of the scratching became so bad that I had to tear up my skin and subsequently, I made the skin bleed. It has given me really bad marks on my skin that it appears like I got burned. But in an ironic sense, the burns come from inside the skin.

14). Pains that I can’t bear burning all over my body, that appears that I have fire all over my body. I feel painful stabbing sensations in my heels and feet that makes it appear that strolling bare foot on broken glass shards. Imagine the time you have been the most tired and multiply it by a factor of 100. The flu is tenfold. You feel a burning pain each time that the skin gets touched. It is a pain that no type of medication can alleviate. The pain as well as the fatigue gets severe it becomes so difficult to work. I almost lost everything that I had to work very hard for, hanging around for up to 2 years so as my disability can be approved. Living my life with excruciating pains and then still looked normal, which causes me to feel guilty that I am unable to work due to the fact that people consider me to be lazy and that I am staying away from working.

15). Sandra L – My life has been stolen by a thief. There are no two similar days. You have no idea what to expect from the disorder. Every day brings on something new, there is a fresh pain, a fresh flare. You are confined to the bed. You constantly fight with your body just to do things normally each day.  Nobody should live like this. Nor should they exist like this. The pain is a severe one that can’t be handled by a lot of people but we really have no option than live with it. The field of medicine has really disappointed us.

16). Tracy W – it feels as if somebody finally found the draw cables connected to all the tendons and muscles of my body, then drew them all very tight. I get that feeling a lot of the times and hope it doesn’t get worse.

17). Imagine that you see a cord made of nylon. Twist the nylon cord against its grain. Can you see the openings that are tiny? Place glass that have been crushed and side inside the holes. Can you see the grit that prevents the nylon from going back to its initial point? Now picture that the cord made of nylon is all the fibres of your muscle, tendon as well as the ligament of your fingers, wrists, hands, feet, toes and ankles. Put on your shoes. Hand gloves, does it uncomfortable?

Now try to walk, drive, stand, shop for grocery. Does it sound horrible? Now just picture yourself getting no relief. In some days include to the list your entire back. Include nausea as well as migraine headaches. You are itching to get some sleep but the sleep won’t come.

Your head seems unclear. You omit speaking some words when talking. You can’t think clearly. People tend to think that you are stupid, despite the fact that you are not. Then you can also include mental problems to it. Are you overwhelmed yet? If you have a good day today, the next day may come off worse. You can’t prepare for it. There are no warnings that come with it.

18). Each time I have flare ups it appears that acid have been made to flow through my body and burning my body from the internal parts towards the outside. But on certain days that are normal I tend to ignore the pain; I tend to do what is needed of me, but the pain is always present in the back, preventing me from realizing my full potential.

The pains from the nerve is so dreadful and I know that I feel constant pain around my neck, shoulders, hips, feet and hands, every so often, there is a stab around my stomach or chest that comes unexpectedly and seizes my breath. The only time I was fine was for a period of one day in which the doctor administered steroids on me. I felt no pain and I was good, then all of a sudden I started feeling burns in my stomach and it started causing all these cramps. I was forced to quit using all the medicines. The tiredness and the issues with my memory tend to cause more upset to me than anything else though. Probably because my mom have this Alzheimer’s disease and I am scared that I am going to have it too.

19). Janice R – it appears that I have been tied in between two horses and they are moving in opposite directions. My arms tied to one of the horses and my legs tied to the second horse. I feel that my eye sockets are falling out. During flare ups, it can get terrible, while at other times, I don’t get it as bad, but I still feel pain.

20). June J – I have this feeling that there is somebody dancing around inside my brain and deciding when he wants me to be deaf, dizzy and dumb.

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