5 Symptoms That Says That Your Pet Needs To See A Doc

When a human being isn’t feeling so well, he or she has the opportunity to verbally express their discomfort. At the worst case scenario, an infant can cry all they can to show that they’re not doing so well. But pets? They have a very limited amount of means to tell you their difficulties. That’s why you need to be alert on the unusual symptoms that they show. Because taking action on time will be the sole reason why they’d save their lives.

Here are 5 symptoms that says that your pet needs medical attention.

Consistent rejection of food

Dogs, cats and all such domestic pets love food, period. After all, haven’t you always found your pets around you whenever you’re eating? Maybe, just maybe when they’re absolutely full, they might not like eating. But if your pet is constantly rejecting the food that they usually enjoy, there could be an issue with their stomach. Untreated continuation of this issue could bring gastritis conditions too.

Unusual weakening of the backside

This issue is commonly seen in cats and dogs and it is considered as one of the deadliest conditions. The strength of the back will not be lost all of a sudden; it will be gradual. But the good thing about it is that, even the most basic stage also could be observed. Hence, if you notice that your pet is being more or less thrown to sides, out of control, they need proper medial attention immediately.


A pet hardly vomits. It’s due to the strength of their stomachs and the increased acidity of their stomach fluids. But if there is a physical weakening followed by a heavy vomiting, the possible cause could be a poisoning. This is why keeping the contact with a reputed emergency vet Mullumbimby is ideal since you simply don’t know when things could go south. You should not wait until the dawn until a clinic opens up since by then a lot could happen.


Swelling of body parts could be due to two reasons. One being poison and the other being due to falling down from heights, quarrels with other animals and such physical issue. Naturally, the swelling could go down with time. But you shouldn’t take the risk of disregarding an internal bleeding. Hence, always take them to the clinics on time.

Breathing difficulties

The airway being blocked due to many reasons is typically the cause of breathing difficulties. Just as much as us, our pets go through hell when it’s hard to breathe. Given that there is a fair chance for the lungs to be poisoned too, immediate medical attention is essential. That way, your loved pets will always be able to stay with you for a longer time.


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