Women who are 40 years plus want to look like they did when they were younger but this can be quite challenging and not particularly easy to accomplish. You need some helpful tips for using makeup in a different way then you did years ago.  We have put together some tips that will give you a younger appearance to look your very best.

A Tip For Using Mascara If You Are Out Of Eyeliner:

Let’s face it, we all have times when we run out of one of our makeup products and try to figure out how we can get around it.  Should you run out of eyeliner, you can work around it.  Simply dip a liner brush in your mascara and then draw a fine thin line up against your lashes.

Move Away From Facial Powder:

When you were younger and suffered from oily skin, grabbing a facial powder was the perfect remedy.  Unfortunately, as you age, the facial powder is the last thing you need to apply to your face.  As we age, our skin develops wrinkles which powder will only emphasis.  Your alternative should be applying a cream to your face that will fill in the wrinkles.

Bags Under Your Eyes:

I’m sure you have noticed as you start to age, your eyes will start to sag and you will start noticing bags developing under your eyes.  Your eyes will look tired and far from attractive.  The puffiness under your eyes will also make you look older than you are.  We suggest you apply a product such as Instantly Ageless under your eyes to decrease the appearance of bags.

Contour Your Lips For A More Youthful Look:

As we age, our lips become thinner and simply applying a matte lipstick will only make them look worse.  For a more youthful appearance, contour your lips to create a look of fuller lips.  Use a lip liner just outside your natural lip line for a natural more attractive look.

Change To A Different Foundation:

As we get older, we cannot rely on a shade of foundation that we used when we were in our 20s. You should look into foundations that are brighter and have somewhat of a yellow base.  This is even more important if you are now in your 50s.  Golden tones will give you a more youthful look than foundations that are red, pink, or neutral. As we age, the tones in our skin will decrease so you need a foundation that will compliment your skin now.

Dealing With Deeper Wrinkles:

If you are suffering from deeper wrinkles, you know how difficult it can be to cover them up. You need a product that is created for anti-aging and Christie Brinkley has a really fine line of products to help you out.  Her line of products includes a range of creams and other helpful products to give you a great look.

Avoid Mascara Flecks:

This is a great tip for women of any age.  If you want to avoid specks, streaking or smudging on your face, take an index card, shape it to match the shape of your eyes.  Place it in a position so your lashes can hang over the card when you apply your mascara.  Any excessive mascara will land on the card, not on your face.

Make Your Teeth Whiter:

For a more healthy and younger look, you need to make your teeth whiter.  There are many whitening products on the market including Best Brite Smile that will work very nicely to turn your stained teeth into something dazzling. You can purchase Best Brite Smile on Amazon or at the SmileDirectClub.

An Easy Way To Drop Some Unwanted Pounds:

If you want to take inches off your waist and drop some unwanted pounds, take a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar along with Garcinia Cambogia and place in your tea in the morning.  Garcinia Cambogia is a supplement made from a tropical fruit that is extremely popular with people trying to lose weight. It literally blocks your body from producing fat and controls your appetite.  Women who have shown great results losing as much as 25 lbs in a few weeks using this combination.

Use A Specialty Mascara vs Fake Eyelashes:


Most women of all ages will agree that fake eyelashes are difficult to put on and are usually far from comfortable.  Instead, you should look into mascaras that will give you darker lashes with volume that will emphasize your lashes.  One product that comes to mind is LashRejuv Eyelash Enhancer. This is one of the top choices by experts.  It’s natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty and hormone-free.  It’s made in the United State and guaranteed to work.

Suffering From Dry, Thinning Hair:


Unfortunately, thinning hair is another sign of aging, but you don’t have to put up with it.  There are many products including Hair Eternity that will thicken, strengthen, and increase the volume of your hair.  It protects against thinning, dryness, breakage, and even strengthens fragile hair.

Never Turn Down Samples:


As we age, the products we used for years are just not cutting it anymore. So it might be time to let go of your beauty products that were your favorites when you were younger.  It can be a challenge to start over because you have no idea if a particular product will actually work or not.  Keep your eyes out for free samples offered online as well as in stores that will allow you to try a product before making a purchase.

The Best Tip For Facial Masks:


Now that you have started aging, you might not know that instead of one mask, you can combine 2 or more that focus on different areas of your face and provide better treatments.  You should apply oatmeal on areas of your face that are developing redness, use a moisturizing mask on dry areas, and charcoal or clay on very oily areas.

A Great Tip For Controlling Unruly Or Thinning Brows:


It’s hard enough to fill in brows that have thinned and look natural, let alone having unruly hairs that just get in the way.  You should apply a colorless lip balm to hold down those hairs  There are products on the market that use a brush to fill in your thinning eyebrows and looks natural.  Also, consider using a lip balm with vitamin E to promote eyebrows growth.

Double Check Your Makeup:

Once you have applied your makeup, you should go somewhere that emulates the lighting of the place you will be heading out to.  Just take a double look to be sure you look great!

Applying Blusher

Always Use A Good Blurring Primer:


Choosing a good blurring primer will help you blend any imperfections and give your entire face a much more polished look. You can hide large pores and wrinkles.

Keeping Those Blasted Fake Eyelashes In Place:

Keeping fake eyelashes in place is another difficult process.  Try using a bobby pin to apply the glue before attaching them to your eyelid.  Bobby pins are small for an accurate application and will prevent any globs!


Applying Your Perfume:

You should apply your perfume strategically instead of the “good ole days” of spraying it in the air and then walking through it.


Giving Volume To Your Locks:

Take a toothbrush and run it along the sides of your hair by going in the opposite direction.  It will add much-needed volume.


Applications Using Silicone Sponges:

You should use a silicone sponge instead of an absorbent sponge when applying makeup. It will not soak up your product and are very easy to clean.


The Best Cheekbones:

Here’s a handy tip – Take an average spoon, cup the apple of your cheek with it and then angle it slightly downward.  Use a brush to apply your blush or bronzer and keeping doing it until the product is blended.


Never Leave Home Without Sunblock:

If you are heading out for a day in the sun,  always choose a sunblock that offers a high SPF to keep your skin looking younger and healthier.  You might want to include an eye cream with SPF 15 or higher to ward off crow’s feet and never forget to apply a lip balm with SPF!


Hide Scalp Problems:


If you have signs of thinning hair that’s showing on your scalp, use a domed brush to place eyeshadow on the spot then apply a small mist of hairspray.  There are also new products on the market that you can spray in the areas of thinning hair using a matching color for your hair.

Use A Lighter Liner:

If you want to remove years from your appearance choose a lighter liner instead of black.  Choose a light or medium brown because softer colors will give you a nice wide, open look to your eyes.  Do not go lighter than one shade darker than your hair.

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