As 2022 draws to a close and we all start to look forward to a new year,  and that means setting new goals and it’s the best time of year to start thinking about a new wardrobe.  Yes, things are lurking in your closet that you really do need to send packing!

Those Blousy Peasant Tops

If you own some of those off-the-shoulder style peasant tops it is time to move on.  The idea of leaving your shoulders exposed was all the rage a few years back but now it is time to pick a look!  Are you going for sleeves or strapless?!  No need to stick in the middle.  While we are at it, these tops can make you look huge because of their puffy shape. 

The ‘old faithful’ Denim Skirt

There always seems to be a new trend in denim skirts but if you are going to carry it off it has to be right on-trend.  If you want to look like a frump, by all means, keep hold of that knee or maxi length denim skirt but if not, it’s time to make a change. 

Anything with chevrons

We are not in 2015 and if you still have these in your wardrobe you really need to be brave and move on.

Peplum tops or dresses

Just no.  Nothing says ‘out-of-date’ like anything with a peplum.  It was extremely popular because people thought it would make their waist look tiny but instead, they just make your hips look huge. 

Boots with Fringes and Tassels

These have never really been a good look and as well as being completely out of style they also make you look shabby and your calves look thick. If you just love the fringes, then at least keep the boots no higher than your ankle, everything else is a no-no.

Tennis shoes with dresses

Please, please, please don’t wear that lovely dress with a huge pair of chunky sneakers,  it is not a great look.  The only exception to this is Converse boots which look good with just about anything.  If you want to get some contrast in your look why not try swapping out the tennis shoes with some classic combat boots?

Any leggings that are not plain

Any kind of printing on your leggings can look pretty classless and they also make you look like you are trying too hard to look younger than you are.  Leave the fancy print leggings for your kids and go buy some plain leggings which will make you look more adult.

Badly fitting Boyfriend Jeans

For most of us, this trend just didn’t work out.  Sure, it looked great on supermodels but for the rest of the population, this looks like you are wearing something several sizes too large.  Get rid.


This trend seems to have lasted way longer than it should have done.  It’s just not a great look, it doesn’t look classy or chic and it isn’t stylish. 

Ugg Boots

These boots are simply ugly, there is no nice way to say it.  Although they have been on the scene for years it seems that many people are catching on and finally trading them in for something that adds a sense of style.

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